Pool and bicycle sales soar during pandemic

WWNY Pool and Bicycle sales soar

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Pools and bicycles are hot commodities this summer.

The Cullen Family just got a new pool at their town of Champion home

"It's really nice. It's pretty big and stuff. I like it," said Tyler and Karson Cullen

Tyler and Karson say the pool gives them something to do during COVID-19 and they aren't the only ones making a splash.

George Dudo, owner of North Country Hearth and Home, says this year has been his busiest yet. With manufacturers not fully operating and fewer people going on vacation, he sold out of pools.

"It's been exceptionally busy so we have been pretty fortunate in that respect," he said.

Pools aren't the only thing that have been popular in the north country lately. Many people are heading out to ride their bikes.

Jayla Traylor was on the Black River Trail a few days ago. She just got a bike without training wheels.

"It's like you get fresh air. What I like about biking is riding my bike and having fun. It's not like I'm walking," she said.

Todd Phelps of Black River Adventurers Shop says he's been busy fixing up old bikes and is pretty much sold out of new bikes.

"Oh, there is a huge bike shortage. It is not just me; everybody that I have talked to is out of bikes. Most of bikes these days are made in China and, well, they weren't manufacturing any bikes and they were shipping even less," he said.

Phelps says he hopes to get more bikes soon, while Dudo is taking pool orders, so they can help people in the north country find enjoyment even in uncertain times.

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