7 News speaks with murder victim’s mother

WWNY 7 News speaks with murder victim’s mother

GOUVERNEUR, N.Y. (WWNY) - 7 News got a brief chance Friday to speak with Lashanna Charlton. She’s the mother of Gouverneur teen Treyanna Summerville, who was allegedly murdered by a 13 year old at 135 Rowley Street.

Charlton spoke with 7 News reporter Keith Benman face to face at a location that was not at her Rowley Street home.

It had been just four days since her daughter, Treyanna Summerville, was killed.

Charlton looked exhausted and distraught, but her words were calm and polite.

Benman told her he had spoken to her stepson, Isiah Samuels, who said he and his stepsister, Treyanna, suffered horrific abuse at the Rowley Street house.

He told 7 News he and Treyanna were hit with a baseball bat. Treyanna with belt buckles. He ended up with knife marks on his body.

Police went to the home in March 2013 on a call for child abuse and neglect. Charlton was then charged with felony assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

We don’t know what became of that case because it’s sealed.

Benman asked Charlton for comment on Samuels’ allegations as well as ones we’ve heard from neighbors and classmates.

She immediately said Samuels had moved out of the house seven or eight years ago and hasn’t spoken to him since.

She said she didn’t know anything about the allegations he was making.

We’ve established Samuels only moved out about five years ago. Not seven or eight.

Charlton told Benman something else and gave him the name and number of Melissa Swartz, a criminal defense lawyer in Syracuse that Charlton hired.

Swartz acknowledged being Lashanna Charlton’s lawyer, but said she could not comment at this time.

When Benman asked St. Lawrence County District Attorney Gary Pasqua why Charlton would hire a criminal defense lawyer, he said he didn’t know.

When asked if police are investigating anything in addition to the murder, such as child abuse, Pasqua said, “We are investigating the entirety of the situation.”

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