Copenhagen graduates celebrate accomplishments

Copenhagen graduates celebrate accomplishments

COPENHAGEN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Copenhagen Central School seniors reunited as a class for the first time in months to celebrate their accomplishments together.

It was a sea of green and gold on Sunday afternoon as the Copenhagen Central School main entrance was transformed into a graduation stage.

Faculty, staff, and the graduating seniors joined together reuniting for the first time since they were ordered to transition to distance learning in March.

Once the state allowed gatherings of over 150 people the school was able to put the seniors and their families on the front lawn. Any extra visitors who came sat in their cars and listened to the ceremony on the radio.

“I’m excited. I’m just glad its happening in general,” said graduate Jacob O’Brien. “I can do it with my class, not separate. I can have some family here and we can celebrate it as a community.”

To make their graduation celebration all the more special, all 28 graduating seniors got their very own posters with their senior photos on them.

“I didn’t know it was going to be this in depth. But no they really, Copenhagen did good on this one,” said O’Brien.

Though this wasn’t the ending these seniors were expecting.

“I feel honored, and a little sad because I didn’t get to spend my entire senior year with my class,” said Salutatorian Riley Dalrymple. “I know deep down that we’ve all grown up together and we love each other and appreciate each other and we’ll see each other along the roads.”

Senior advisor and organizer Michelle Castor wasn’t going to let them go without a proper goodbye.

“They’ve persevered,” said Castor. “They’ve stuck with it, held their heads high, and just appreciated all of those things that, you know, we keep reminding them are so important.”

And for that proper goodbye, the senior class is forever grateful.

“I can’t imagine going to another school, having the teachers that I’ve had,” said Dalrymple.

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