Cuomo worries COVID-19 will come back to NY from other states

Cuomo worries COVID-19 will come back to NY from other states
Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveils a sculpture that depicts the state's quick climb in COVID-19 infections and its gradual decline. (Source: WWNY)

NEW YORK (WWNY) - The state has gone through a lot weathering the COVID-19 crisis and Gov. Andrew Cuomo doesn’t want to go through it again.

“We don’t want to climb this mountain again,” he said at a Monday news conference.

“Doing this once in life is enough,” Cuomo said.

What has the governor worried is the increasing number of cases in other parts of the United States.

“People from the other states travel to New York and New York is a hub,” he said.

To try to prevent that from happening, two-week quarantines are in place for people who come from states with high infections rates, New York is offering to help other states, and Cuomo is again calling on the federal government – President Donald Trump in particular – “to step up.”

Cuomo said the president should sign an executive order mandating face coverings and lead by example by wearing one himself.

To illustrate where the state is now, the governor unveiled a sculpture that represents the shape of the curve as the infections increased and as they continue to taper off.

As of now, hospitalizations are down to 853, the lowest since March 18.

Deaths are down to a three-day average of eight per day.

That average was close to 800 in early April.

The state conducted 46,000 tests for the coronavirus on Sunday, which revealed 391 positive cases, or about .8 percent.

The north country’s rate was half that at .4 percent.

The governor also said that before “large” malls can open, they have to have filters in their air conditioning systems that are capable of filtering out the coronavirus.

Cuomo didn’t specify what malls that applies to.

He also said the state is recommending that all businesses use similar filters in their air filtration systems.

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