Army looks to hire 10,000 new soldiers in 3 days

WWNY Army looks to hire 10,000 new soldiers in 3 days

FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWNY) - For the first time, the U.S. Army is holding a nationwide virtual hiring campaign with a goal of hiring 10,000 new soldiers in 3 days.

Local recruiters on Fort Drum are participating in the initiative.

The event started Tuesday and will run through Thursday.

The Army wants full-time and part-time soldiers in 150 different career fields.

Those fields range from traditional combat roles to positions in technology and engineering.

Sergeant First Class Matthew Gomes says the Army is using more social media to recruit - a technique he says it has never used before.

"The Army has decided that this is an opportunity. We're going to branch out, we're doing a lot more with social media. So we decided this is another way to step forward with our initiative and our efforts to get more qualified people in the force," said Gomes, Special Operations Recruiting Battalion.

Gomes says the Army is offering cash bonuses to people who enlist during the three-day hiring event.

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