COVID-19 tests available for all New Yorkers; no indoor dining for NYC in phase 3

COVID-19 tests available for all New Yorkers; no indoor dining for NYC in phase 3
COVID-19 Tests (Source: MGN)

NEW YORK (WWNY) - Now all New Yorkers can be tested for the coronavirus.

That was an announcement Wednesday from Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Now that there are 750 testing sites statewide, “we have so increased our testing capacity, that we can expand our testing criteria.”

Until now, testing was limited to people exposed to someone who tested positive, essential workers, and nursing home employees.

“We’re now opening testing to all New Yorkers,” Cuomo said. “We have that much capacity.”

He said there’s no cost for the test and it doesn’t hurt, so there’s no reason not to get one.

“What I’m saying to all New Yorkers today is ‘go get a test’”

New York City will enter phase three of reopening on Monday, but one facet will stay on “pause.”

Speaking in the city Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said indoor dining will be postponed, pointing to a lack of compliance of people wearing masks and burgeoning COVID-19 infection rates across much of the rest of the country.

He also blamed local governments in the city for not doing enough to enforce compliance.

“It’s much worse here,” he said, saying that mask compliance is a big issue throughout the city.

“I’m looking for citizen compliance and local government enforcement of compliance, and stabilization of the national rate,” before indoor dining is allowed in New York City.

He said even though there’s a mandatory quarantine for people from states with the highest infection rates, “we are not going to be 100 percent effective keeping people from 16 states from coming to New York.”

Cuomo said a large part of the problem is a lack of leadership from President Donald Trump, who he said has been in denial about the coronavirus since it came to this country.

“And now the country is suffering because of the president,” he said, “and it’s time for him to change course.

Cuomo said the president needs come clean and admit he was wrong about the virus not being a threat.

“We have to mobilize our citizens, we have to mobilize our government, and we have to start doing something about this.”

The governor said the first thing Trump needs to do is to wear a mask.

In the meantime, New York has had four days in a row with hospitalizations from COVID-19 below 900 and had a death toll on Tuesday of 11.

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