Free COVID testing comes to Lewis County

Free COVID testing comes to Lewis County

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - People who live in Lewis County can get checked for the coronavirus for free, starting July 16.

The announcement was made Thursday in Lowville, and follows by one day Governor Cuomo’s announcement that the state would offer free testing.

“We’re pleased to have been asked by the governor, we in Lewis County, to participate in this program and make it available to residents of Lewis County,” said Jerry Cayer, the Chief Executive Officer of Lewis County Health System.

14 of the 20 testing clinics will be held at Lewis County General Hospital. The other six will be held in Harrisville, Beaver Falls and Lyons Falls.

“We recognize some of our residents have transportation challenges<” Cayer said. “By spreading out, I think we create greater access and opportunity for those who want to be tested.”

The state is providing testing kits, personal protective equipment for the health personnel giving the tests, and a lab to analyze the tests.

Cayer said he expects to get 1,200 test kits a month.

“This approach of partnering with the health systems makes a lot more sense,” said Ryan Piche, Lewis County manager.

“We really like it in Lewis County because it provides us with the resources and also the flexibility to do what makes sense for our community.”

You don’t need to sign up in advance to be tested, officials said. The clinics will be held from 11 AM to 2 PM, on the dates listed below.

Lowville (Lewis County General Hospital): 7/16, 7/20. 7/24, 7/27, 7/31, 8/3, 8/7, 8/10, 8/14, 8/17, 8/21, 8/24, 8/28/ 8/31

Harrisville (Harrisville Health CEnter): 7/22, 8/12

Beaver Falls (Beaver River Health Center) 7/29, 8/19

Lyons Falls (South Lewis Health Center): 8/5, 8/26

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