Coming to the St. Lawrence: a ‘Trump Flotilla’

Coming to the St. Lawrence: a ‘Trump Flotilla’

ALEXANDRIA BAY, N.Y. (WWNY) - Supporters of President Donald Trump plan a ‘Trump Flotilla’ for Saturday on the St. Lawrence River.

The flotilla will be a parade of boats similar to one held last month in West Palm Beach, Florida to celebrate President Trump’s birthday.

The boats will stage behind Boldt Castle at noon and motor along the Thousand Island Narrows to Clayton.

North country native Craig Fitzsimmons organized the event.

“And what we do is basically, we download a playlist of patriotic songs, the national anthem, and some other songs and we just play our music and we have Trump flags and American flags and people wave from the shore, and it’s just a rally,” Fitzsimmons said Friday.

The event starts at noon. Fitzsimmons said Friday that at least 130 people have said they’ll participate.

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