Red Cross offers free antibody test with each blood donation

Blood drive & antibody tests

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - There's a way to get a COVID-19 antibody test for free.

It's an added benefit to people who donate blood.

By helping others they'll find out if they've had COVID-19.

The data will also allow scientists to learn more about the virus and how fast the rate of infection may have been locally.

The Red Cross has seen a 30 percent increase in blood donations in recent weeks.

“It gives our valued donors an insight whether or not they may have been exposed,” donor recruitment specialist Jerilyn McConnell said, “and if they test positive for the antibodies of the coronavirus, it just means that maybe they have come into contact with it or have been exposed to it regardless of whether they felt symptoms or not.:

Donors can look online through the blood donor portal to see their results seven to 10 days after their donation.  

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