State issues ‘cease & desist’ order for muck park

State issues ‘cease & desist’ order for muck park

NEW BREMEN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The state health department slapped a ‘cease and desist’ order on an off-roading park in Lewis County Friday.

A spokesman for Governor Cuomo says ‘Stuck In The Muck,‘’ which is part of the Adirondack International Speedway near Beaver Falls is breaking the rules when it comes to social gatherings - and not just by a little bit.

The order was posted on at least two gates at the speedway - it aims to stop an end of August event at Stuck in the Muck.

A spokesman for Governor Cuomo said recent events at the park have “egregiously exceeded the current limit on non-essential gatherings, as well as guidance pertaining to race track operations.”

New Bremen volunteer firefighter Mike Tabolt was at an event last week, responding to an injury.

He said the crowd exceeded the limit set by the state.

“We have an order that says over 50 people shouldn’t be in a gathering, and that happened,” Tabolt said.

According to Eric Young, who helps run Stuck in the Muck, last week's event drew in 200 to 300 people.

He said all were participants, none were spectators.

Tabolt said some were from out of state.

Both Young and Adirondack International Speedway owner Paul Lyndaker said they haven’t seen the cease and desist order and can’t comment on it yet.

When it comes to enforcing the order, Lewis County Sheriff Mike Carpinelli said that’s not up to his department.

“That is a public health issue. It’s not a law enforcement issue,” Carpinelli said.

But state officials in a statement said “Sheriffs are elected to enforce the laws on the books and have a constitutional obligation to do so.

And if Stuck in the Muck ignores the order, they could be hit with a fine up to $10,000 and suspension or revocation of the state license to operate.

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