Your Turn: feedback on face masks at Walmart, travel quarantine & cancellation of events

Updated: Jul. 6, 2020 at 10:45 AM EDT
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WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Jefferson County leaders say they receive an average of 10 complaints a day about the Walmart stores in the county because so few people wear masks inside. Most of your feedback this week is about that:

I went to LeRay Walmart...NO social distancing, 90% NOT wearing masks, way too many people shopping in “packs”. Could not believe the total lack of respect for others.

Bridget Priest

They have an obligation to their employees to maintain a healthy and safe workplace.

Shealene Downey

I just went to Walmart today and did not wear one. You’re all just sheeple!

Matt Daddio Jones

It’s not just Walmart! Many are without masks all over the place. It’s difficult if not impossible to enforce.

LuAnne Beutel

The individuals making these complaints don’t know for sure if it’s due to an underlying health condition.

Kerri Lynne Harrop Crauder

Governor Cuomo says people traveling to New York from 16 states where the coronavirus is surging must quarantine for 14 days:

We don’t want any more of the virus here. Thank you Gov. Cuomo.

Diane Fraser

If people travel to NY from these states, who enforces the quarantine? They already said troopers can’t. So why is this even a thing?

Chip Bracy

Two popular summer events in Alexandria Bay have been canceled because of the pandemic. Buskers in the Bay and Pirate Days will not be held this year:

Ouch. That’s gonna hu ort real bad. Goodbye local economy.

Kyle Hanni

Sad, but I feel it is the right decision.

Mary Wenk

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