Bassmaster tournament gets county funding

Bassmaster tournament gets county funding
Bassmaster Elite plans to show at its favorite fishing hole in Waddington this year. (Source: wwny)

CANTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - There’s new funding for one of the few events not canceled by the coronavirus pandemic.

St. Lawrence County will fund the Bassmaster Elite Tournament $30,000.

The debate around that dollar amount lasted more than an hour at Monday night’s Board of Legislators meeting.

Some lawmakers raised concerns about paying for a tournament that spectators cannot attend and for allowing anglers from hotspot states to come to St. Lawrence County -- even with testing precautions in place.

Others argued that the tournament deserves a spot on a national stage, to be broadcast on national television as the number-one bass fishing area in the nation.

The idea is more publicity can lead to more traffic to St. Lawrence County in the future.

The Waddington tournament will be held July 23-26.

The county Legislature will have a new face on the board.

By unanimous vote Harry Smithers was appointed to fill the 5th district chair for the Gouverneur area.

He is taking over the position from former legislator Henry Leader, who resigned in May.

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