CDC releases guidelines on youth sports safety

Make a game plan to reduce risk while playing sports

New CDC advice on youth sports safety

(CNN) – For millions of children playing organized sports, this season will be like no other.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is out with updated guidelines for youth sports safety in the age of COVID-19.

It’s things most of us are already doing like washing our hands, social distancing and staying home when sick.

But the guidelines also recommend no handshakes, high fives or fist bumps.

Sharing equipment, towels or clothing is also out. And there’s no spitting.

Parents and coaches are encouraged to reduce contact between players, limit travel and establish small groups within teams to limit interaction.

Coaches should decide if players need to wear face masks, the guidelines say. Coaches and spectators should wear them.

The CDC says coaches should educate players and parents about new safety measures, ensure conditions are sanitary and remain diligent about social distancing.

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