Malls can open Friday (depending) & decision on schools in August

Malls can open Friday (depending) & decision on schools in August
Gov. Andrew Cuomo outlines the timeline for deciding if schools will reopen this fall. (Source: WWNY)

NEW YORK (WWNY) - Malls can reopen Friday under certain conditions and the state will decide by the first week of August if in-person schooling will resume this fall.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced those things at a coronavirus briefing Wednesday. He also said all county fairs are canceled, although the north country’s fairs have already been canceled.

Malls in regions in phase four of reopening – which is the entire state except for New York City – can open Friday if they have air circulating systems that can filter out the coronavirus.

The governor said the state will finalize guidance for reopening schools on July 13. Districts will have until July 31 to submit their plans.

The state, he said, will announce a decision on reopening sometime between August 1 and 7.

The governor also took issue with push from the White House to reopen schools.

Reopening schools, Cuomo said, “are a state decision, period. It’s not up to the president of the United States.”

The governor said the president has no more authority to reopen schools than he did to reopen the economy, which is also a state decision.

As far as numbers, the governor said hospitalization are down to 841 and the number of people on ventilators is 97, the first time it’s been under 100 since March 16.

Eleven people died from COVID-19 on Tuesday, he said, and 1.2 percent of the more than 57,000 people tested were positive for the virus.

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