Firefighters face ‘treacherous’ challenges during hot weather

WWNY Firefighters face ‘treacherous’ challenges during hot weather

TOWN OF PAMELIA, N.Y. (WWNY) - Beating the heat is one thing, but try doing it while fighting a fire with nearly 60 pounds of protective gear on.

On the job, firefighters wear turnout gear, like fire-safe boots, pants, jackets, and helmet. Then they add a heavy oxygen tank on their backs.

When that has to happen in hot and humid temperatures like we’ve been experiencing, it’s extremely important that firefighters stay hydrated.

"It's very, very treacherous. It takes a lot out of a person even without all that gear. But you start to add 50, 60 pounds of gear onto a person and it is designed to keep heat away from a person but it also keeps heat inside. This is for anybody out there is to stay well hydrated. You don't want to start in any work job, be in firefighting, or even going out to do construction work, or work in your garden. You don't want to be dehydrated going out," said Joe Plummer, director of Jefferson County Fire and Emergency Management.

Plummer adds that the support staff, volunteers directing traffic or EMT staff, should also hydrate well during these hot days.

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