The heat, business and workers

WWNY The heat, business and workers

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Keeping cool can be hot for business. At other places, keeping cool can be impossible. It all depends on where you work.

Inside Parkview Cleaners in Watertown, temperatures inside reached 100 degrees.

"Here we go again," said Megan Tousley, employee.

Scattered in the laundry room are cold drinks, fans and towels.

"It's my handy dandy cloth; it wipes the sweat away," said David Robertson, employee.

Even on a winter day, the laundry room can reach up to 95 degrees. But on a day like Thursday, temperatures peak at 100 degrees or more.

"You drink lots of water. You're going to want to take breaks. Get up there in that cool air," said Tousley.

Cool air can be hot for some businesses.

Air conditioners are flying off the shelves at Watertown Appliance. Owner Matt Northrup says he received nearly 50 units Thursday morning alone to replace ones that were already bought.

"I can tell you we did check in 42 units this morning in addition to what we already had," said Northrup.

Northrup says he isn't expecting the spree to end any time soon. He's expecting to sell out of air conditioners in the next few days.

"We've had a few spikes this year actually as the temperatures have risen. This week it's been busier and we expect it to be busy through the weekend," he said.

Northrup says since more people are staying home due to COVID-19, he’s expecting his sales this summer to be higher than ever.

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