SUNY Canton to offer ‘crime analysis’ program

SUNY Canton to offer ‘crime analysis’ program

CANTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - It’s a long way from Dragnet. Or Sherlock Holmes. Or even CSI.

Beginning this fall, SUNY Canton will offer a major in “crime analysis.”

What is “crime analysis”?

It’s using digital tools like computers, drones and data to help solve crimes. It’s policing done differently.

“If you’re interested in helping create the new vision of what law enforcement is going to look like, crime analysis is a perfect opportunity,” said Nicholas Wildey, a SUNY Canton lecturer in criminal justice.

If you’ve followed the police investigation of the death of Treyanna Summerville in Gouverneur, you saw a small example of crime analysis in action. Police flew a drone around the crime scene.

The Bachelor of Science in Crime Analysis will be offered through the college’s Center for Criminal Justice, Intelligence and Cybersecurity (CJIC) beginning in Fall 2020.

Students can take classes on campus, online and in Flex Class format. It is the first four-year program of its kind within the State University of New York System.

And not everyone who is interested in crime analysis wants to be in law enforcement. For some people, it’sd a second career.

“They’re starting to wonder ‘What do I do. ‘I’m not really ready to retire but I also don’t want to put that badge on every day,‘” Wildey said.

And what’s learned in crime analysis has applications elsewhere as well - for example, students used some of the software they’re trained on to map occurrences of coronavirus during the early stages of the pandemic.

The program is available on campus, on line or as a combination of the two.

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