Your Turn: feedback on mask complaints, coin shortage & good deed

Updated: Jul. 13, 2020 at 12:30 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - St. Lawrence County is seeing a surge in complaints about people failing to wear masks and practice social distancing. Most of your feedback this week is about that:

Why can’t they just comply - especially St. Lawrence County that has been the hardest hit north country county.

Kathy Allen

What is everyone now - the Gestapo? Turning in people and neighbors for what reason?

Cindy Cole

It is about being concerned with other people. What we do or don’t do affects others.

Erik Thomas

There’s a coin shortage in the U.S. right now due to the pandemic. Local banks are asking people to bring in their spare change:

You could supply the whole North Country on just what’s in the bottom of my purse!

Tina Mora

If they help us, they charge for it. So how about I’ll loan them my change at 11% interest.

Kirsty Jacob Foote

I work at a bank. We’re desperate for coin right now and so are our business customers.

Kaylee Spencer

It’s a photo and a story that are making the rounds on social media. A Fort Drum soldier did a good deed for a young girl at the Watertown airport:

You are certainly a blessing to the young girl, your family and the Army.

Carol Mullin

Should be the way human beings treat other human beings all the time every day. How much better this world would be.

Lucille Aruck

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