State’s crackdown on wearing masks is relief for some businesses

WWNY State’s crackdown of wearing masks is relief for some businesses

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Some businesses say the state's crackdown on wearing masks in public will help.

Many merchants had already put up signs asking guests to wear a face mask inside their store, but it was only a recommendation.

On Monday, New York state told businesses they must enforce mask wearing rules, or face fines.

In Watertown, State Street Market owner Patty Johnson says the law is a relief because store owners no longer have to make a decision about enforcing the rule.

"It definitely makes us feel better because we are always concerned about the health of not only ourselves, our employees, but everyone that comes in," she said.

At Rak's Department Store in Clayton, we heard the same thing - having the rule, having the Cuomo administration lay down the law helps.

"It does help having his backing so it's not like we're the meanies making people wear masks when they don't want to," said Briel Faircloth, manager, Rak's Department Store.

The new regulations assist in helping local business owners operate more safely and deny or remove any patrons who fail to comply with face covering requirements.

On a day when Jefferson County reported 8 cases of COVID-19, the most ever in one day, county Legislator Chairman Scott Gray emphasized people need to follow the law.

"We still have a pandemic in place and our numbers are still creeping up every day. We still have to be mindful of that and use precautions where necessary," he said.

Businesses who violate the law could see fines of up to $1,000 per day.

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