Closing down ‘right thing to do,’ restaurant owners say

Snug Harbor stays closed

CAPE VINCENT, N.Y. (WWNY) - On Sunday Snug Harbor Bar and Restaurant in Cape Vincent had customers coming through its doors to dine in or take out while a dozen employees worked inside.

Then things changed. "We got a phone call from one of our employees that at the second job that has tested positive for coronavirus," owner Erin Albro said. The worker's second job is at a motel in Jefferson county.

Albro says the employee didn't have contact with customers. She and her husband contacted county officials, who said unless an employee tested positive, they could stay open.

"It just didn't feel right to continue on knowing that potentially there was a chance that we could be infecting someone," Albro said.

So out of an abundance of caution, the owners decided to shut down temporarily, telling their customers over social media what had happened.

“It was difficult answering all of the customers’ questions because it’s scary,” Albro said. “It’s scary as a human, it’s scary as a business owner, so that’s why we really made this decision to shut down even though they said we didn’t have to because I feel just such a great level of responsibility and I’m sure these other businesses do, too, and it was just the right thing to do.”

Albro says all employees have been tested and the employee who was exposed has tested negative for COVID-19.

There is an incubation period for the employee to test positive, so Snug Harbor will stay closed for at least another week and all employees will be retested.

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