Baker supports police and charities

Bread bond

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - One local baker is bringing people together the best way he knows how - with delicious bread.

Alteri's Italian-American Market is donating 100 loaves of hot, fresh bread for the next few weeks to support local charities and local law enforcement.

Owner Mark Alteri says the negative stigma going around about law enforcement isn't reflective of our north country officers.

He says he will make the bread and they will deliver it to charities to strengthen the bond between law enforcement and the community.

The first donation was Wednesday. Officers say it's nice to know they have support within the community and can, in turn, support the community.

"These men and women go out every day and you never know what they're going to go up against and that is our main reason to show our support of what they do," said Alteri.

"It's not always fun, the job that we have. We have to deal with a lot of issues, people at their worst, and it's nice to be involved when it's people at their best," said Watertown Police Chief Charles Donoghue.

"It just goes to show how amazing our local folks are, stepping up and supporting our law enforcement and paying it forward by our law enforcement is just a total amazing event," said Melinda Gault, Community Action Planning Council executive director.

Alteri intends to continue the donation chain with other local police departments and other local charities.

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