Extreme home makeover: Croghan edition

WWNY Extreme home makeover: Croghan edition

CROGHAN, N.Y. (WWNY) - We first showed you the Basselin Mansion in Croghan in October of last year. The mansion, rich in history and mystery, was up for sale back then.

Now, not only has it been bought, it has been transformed.

The Basselin Mansion has been around since before the Civil War and now its new owners are fixing it up for the community.

Travis Proulx grew up in Croghan and hopped at the opportunity to take on the mansion. His mom and stepdad flip houses and are helping him with the project.

"He has more of his heart invested in this by being from here," said his mom, Kay Gerow.

So far, they've transformed the tenant house, redone the outside of the mansion and are working on revamping the inside - all while keeping the original woodwork and details.

"He does want to do non-for-profit things in the yard or if somebody would like to use the house for special occasions, he just wants to bring it back to the community for the community to use," said Gerow.

And the community has noticed. The mansion is in the center of the village and neighbors say the progress is the talk of the town.

"He has inspired us all, even as business people, to get out there and start doing stuff for the community," said Carolyn Schneeberger, neighbor of 49 years.

Some are so happy to see the history brought back to life, they want to be a part of it, like 13 year old Emily Knight.

"Me and my brother were ripping up carpet to start and then we painted a bunch of rooms in the barn. It's very fun to see all the history and stuff," she said.

And one big part of that history is the original owner, Theodore Basselin, who allegedly still watches over the property.

"You can feel that there is something here, I don't know what... but do I feel as though anybody's angry? No," said Gerow.

So with Theo's approval, the community's enthusiasm and some good old fashioned hard work, the mansion is set to be done in a few years.

If you want to contribute to the renovations, you can go to the Facebook page The Basselin House Project to learn more.

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