The Met Opera Stars Live -in Concert

Next Up Sonya Yoncheva from Germany - February 27

The Met Opera Stars Live -in Concert
Sonya Yoncheya Live from Germany (Source: Metropolitan Opera)


This performance, originally scheduled for November 21 and previously postponed to November 28, has been rescheduled for February 27, as Ms. Yoncheva is still ill (with a non-COVID illness).

One of opera’s most compelling and thrilling stars showcases her riveting artistry in a special program transmitted live from the breathtaking Baroque library of the Schussenried Cloister in southwest Germany. In this performance, audiences can expect some of the repertory’s most beloved soprano arias and the same star power Yoncheva has delivered in recent triumphs on the stage of the Met in ToscaOtelloIolanta, and Luisa Miller.

Opera’s greatest stars perform in a groundbreaking new series of pay-per-view recitals in striking locations around the globe, each live via satellite and shot with multiple cameras. While the Metropolitan Opera House remains dark because of the ongoing health crisis, Met Stars Live in Concert will allow audiences to experience extraordinary solo and duo performances by top singers—streamed live online—from such locations as a former abbey in Bavaria, a Norwegian castle, an outdoor terrace on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a church in Wales, and a historic mansion in Washington, D.C. The series marries the intimacy of the Met’s virtual At-Home Gala with the high production value of the company’s Live in HD series of cinema transmissions.

Tickets for each recital are $20, and the performances will remain available on demand for 12 days.

In concert starting July 18
In concert starting July 18 (Source: The Metropolitan Opera)

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