Apartment complex has un-bear-able problem

Bear of a problem

HANNAWA FALLS, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Bingham Hill Estates in Hannawa Falls has had a bear of a time dealing with just that: a bear.

“He has been stealing from the dumpster and he’s been making a mess all over the property,” said Loren Lapierre, who owns the apartment complex.

Lapierre snapped a few pictures of the culprit -- what he says looks to be a 400-pound black bear -- helping himself to a midnight snack.

“He’s been troublesome,” Lapierre said. “He was even in one of the tenant’s carports about three nights ago, which becomes a little bit worrisome.”

It’s not only worrisome, but costly. Lapierre says he’s been paying to clean up after the unwelcome guest.

“I’ve had to have my trash providers come a couple extra times to dump the cans and that costs me extra money,” he said.

So to avoid more money spent to clean-up, the owner invested in heavy metal trash lids to, hopefully, keep the bear out.

“We’ll see what happens,” Lapierre said. “Hopefully this container option works and he’ll disappear.”

And hopefully not make his way to his next dining spot.

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