Governor says he’s worried about ‘manmade’ 2nd wave

Governor says he’s worried about ‘manmade’ 2nd wave
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ALBANY, N.Y. (WWNY) - State officials are worried about a second wave of the coronavirus, but it’s not the one they expected.

During a telephone conference Thursday, the governor said officials expected the second wave to be from a mutated form of the virus.

“What we’re experiencing is something different,” he said.

He called the resurgence of the virus across the country a “manmade second wave,” because people “failed to learn the lessons of the first wave.”

While New York’s numbers are still good, the governor said he’s concerned about a rebound of infections from other states back to this one.

The state tested about 72,000 people on Wednesday, with slightly more than 1 percent of the tests coming back positive.

Fourteen people died from the disease Wednesday and 813 were hospitalized.

The governor also announced new restrictions for New York City as it plans for its phase four reopening on Monday.

He also said no indoor venues will be allowed to open under the city’s phase four.

The governor has placed more restrictions on the city – not allowing indoor dining in phase three, for example – because it’s often a destination for people coming from out of state and has a very dense population where the virus can spread quickly.

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