People in Watertown neighborhood experience sewage explosions in their homes

WWNY People in Watertown neighborhood experience sewage explosions in their homes

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Some Watertown residents are dealing with an unsightly problem that they believe is caused by the street they live on.

Sometimes, when it rains, it pours. The wet weather has caused worse issues than flooding for some Watertown residents on Cedar Street.

"Monday morning, the city recieved a lot of rain and the sewage system was unable to handle it. So, with force, it backed up in our cellar and our cellar was flooded with three feet of raw sewage," said Chana Fay, Cedar Street resident.

Fay says the sewage explosion has caused roughly $10,000 in damage that insurance isn't covering.

What used to be a finished basement, with furnature, carpeting, and oak walls, has now be ruined. The carpet has been ripped up and many of the ceiling tiles have been shredded.

"The totes on my shelving over there were knocked down with such great force, I couldnt believe it knocked them down," said Fay.

Fay says she and her neighbors are experiencing these sewage explosions because of their street.

Cedar Street is downward sloping, ripped up, and gets the water runoff from the Arsenal Street bridge.

"Along with our sewer system being over 100 years old and in disarray," said Fay.

The city Department of Public Works has told Fay the street doesn't have a sewage back flow protector and that's what caused the crappy situation.

"I'm hoping that the city will back me up and put a claim into their insurance, because something is definitely wrong," said Fay.

Watertown Mayor Jeff Smith says the city will look into it further.

"First you've gotta see is there a problem with the system or was it the rain itself, and so far we haven't heard any problems with the system and that's what we're going to look at," said Smith.

But in the meantime, Fay said, “We’ve been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. It’s an everyday thing.”

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