Volunteers battle stubborn hay fire, heat

WWNY Volunteers battle stubborn hay fire, heat

TOWN OF PIERREPONT, N.Y. (WWNY) - Firefighters battled a stubborn hay fire Friday in temperatures approaching 200 degrees.

The fire began in a barn at 297 Post Road, Town of Pierrepont. Farmers discovered the fire - which apparently is a case of spontaneous combustion - about 10:30 AM Friday.

At least seven fire departments responded.

Firefighters dug through the hay for almost four hours before getting to the source of the fire. Massive amounts of hay were shoveled out by hand and then taken away by front loaders.

Calls for more air packs and breathing apparatus were made throughout the day.

“Everybody’s staying hydrated, drinking lots of water, taking their coats off when they come out,” said Timothy Green, Assistant Chief in the Pierrepont fire department.

The farm is owned by Dillon and Dan Huntley.

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