Four critical St. Lawrence County bridges to undergo construction this summer

Four critical St. Lawrence County bridges to undergo construction this summer

ROSSIE, N.Y. (WWNY) - A bridge on County Route 8 in Rossie is scheduled to close for repairs in August. When that work starts, people will be expected to take a long detour.

“Across the bridge that’s right now closed. Take a left, go the end of Scotch Settlement Road, take another left until he gets to Brasie Corners. Ttake another left and come all the way back to Rossie,” said Donna Corodimas.

So about how far is that on on those twisting roads?

“Probably a 15 mile drive,” said Corodimas.

It’s that time of year. And the County Route 8 bridge is not the only one scheduled for major repair. A bridge on Route 3 just two miles south of there is already under repair.

“These structures are critical links in those communities,” said Donald Chambers, St. Lawrence County Highway Superintendent.

Both bridges were bid as one project. Also included was one on Route 46 in the Town of Massena and another on Route 17 over the Oswegatchie River in DeKalb.

J.E. Sheehan of Potsdam won the $5.5 million contract.

The county has permanently closed some lightly used bridges over the years. But that’s not like any of the four in this project. All four are considered essential to county transportation.

“Spending the funds at this point in time will save the taxpayers a lot of funds down the line,” said Chambers.

95% of those funds are coming from state and federal highway programs. They should extend bridge life by decades.

So is it worth it? Even if you live nearby?

“I heard that the bridges weren’t safe. That they were in need of repair. So it’s good to do repairs. I’m all for repairs,” said Corodimas.

The plan is to finish up the Route 3 bridge in August and then start work on the Route 8 bridge. The Route 17 bridge work starts next week. All should be done by the end of construction season.

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