Party smart, governor tells young people

Party smart, governor tells young people
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NEW YORK (WWNY) - Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he respects young people’s right to party.

“This is not the time to fight for your right to party,” he said at a coronavirus briefing in New York City Thursday.

The governor said the COVID-19 infection rate went up about four percentage points in two weeks for 21- to 30-year-olds.

Other age groups stayed flat or decreased during the same period.

“You have the right to party,” he said, “but let’s be smart about it.”

Cuomo said young people don’t wear masks and don’t socially distance because they think they’re immune to the virus.

“The virus can kill you,” he said, “and if it doesn’t kill you, you can bring it home and give it to someone inadvertently and it can kill them.”

He said people in that age group “are laboring under false pretenses.”

“There is a total misconception of their vulnerability to this disease,” he said.

He unveiled a video ad campaign targeted to young people to communicate some of the facts and misconceptions they have.

As far as the state’s numbers, 706 people were in hospitals Wednesday because of the virus. Thirteen people died. The three-day average for deaths was eight.

The state administered 69,690, 1.16 percent of which were positive.

The Capital Region had a spike from .4 percent on Sunday to 1.6 percent on Wednesday.

The governor said that’s because of 28 positive cases from one July 4 party.

“One bad group can be a real problem,” he said.

The north country’s rate has been holding steady at around .6 percent.

The governor said 3,900 inmates over the age of 55 were tested for the virus and 1.9 percent were positive.

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