Jefferson Co. Board Chair apologizes for swearing following “paparazzi-style attack”

Jefferson Co. Board Chair apologizes for swearing following “paparazzi-style attack”

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Jefferson County legislature chair Scott Gray apologized Friday for his words, following what he calls “not a good day.”

It all started with pictures that were posted on Facebook. Those pictures were of Gray and his extended family boating on Lake Bonaparte during the July 4th holiday.

There’s also a picture of a boat party in Military Bay, on Lake Bonaparte, that same day. There’s no proof Gray was at that party. And Gray says he wasn’t.

But on social media, people accused Gray of being part of that gathering, saying it was hypocritical behavior after the board chairman scolded Picton Island revelers for a July 4th boat party on the St. Lawrence River, that sparked a COVID-19 flare-up.

Gray responded to a couple of those social media posters privately, using vulgar language. Those exchanges were also posted to the internet.

In a letter to board members, Gray apologizes for his “bad reaction,” saying he “snapped” after having to attend a funeral for an infant.

Gray wrote, “The photo is completely out of context and the captioning is a completely false narrative...”

In an interview with 7 News, Gray described the photos posted to Facebook as a “paparazzi-style attack.”

“I was out with just my family,” Gray said. “Which is permissible.”

But when it comes to that firey and vulgar exchange with posters online, Gray says he was wrong. He wrote his colleagues saying, “I never intended to embarrass the County or the Board of Legislators. I am plain spoken and tell-it-like-it-is style and sometimes that style bites back as evident here. I lowered my standard and let my emotions of the day consume me.”

“I should have let it go,” Gray told 7 News Friday. “I should have not responded. I’m human. I’ll make mistakes, and I’ll admit to it, and I made a mistake.”

Gray says he has apologized to those he was chatting with online through texts, calls, and emails. He says he hasn’t heard back yet.

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