Simao loses court fight over Watertown golf course

Simao loses court fight over Watertown golf course

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Ives Hill Country Club owner P.J. Simao has lost his battle to have the city’s lease with rival Watertown Golf Club thrown out.

A ruling Friday from the state Supreme Court Appellate Division determined the 2006 lease between the city and the golf club is valid.

Simao sued the city, arguing that the 2006 lease the city signed with the golf club was not valid because it was based on an earlier - 2000 - lease, which was also not valid.

But the judges of the Appellate Division decided the 2006 lease “is a renegotiated and new agreement” that had several changes from the 2000 lease.

The judges also decided the question of a conflict of interest - former mayor Joe Butler Sr. was also a member of the Watertown Golf Club when the 2000 lease was negotiated - “ended in 2006 when the new lease was renegotiated and this lawsuit was not commenced until 2018.”

Simao told 7 News Friday night that he’s evaluating the decision and may try to have it reargued.

He also pointed out the court’s decision has nothing to do with ongoing issues involving parking and other “encroachments” by the Watertown Golf Club on city land.

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