Celebrating our winged friends Saturday at Zoo New York

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It’s an Owl and Raven Appreciation Celebration at Zoo New York this week.

The Watertown Zoo is showing off its ravens, snowy owls, and the great gray owl, Beaker!

Guests can learn all about the birds and make their own crafts to remember the day.

This is also part of a fundraiser the zoo is holding to support Beaker’s upcoming eye surgery.

Beaker was brought to the Zoo from Alaska after getting hit by a Mack Truck.

He now needs a $1,200 surgery to remove his eye and additional funds to upgrade his habitat to be more suitable for a one-eyed, one-winged owl.

Saturday, as part of the bird appreciation celebration, the zoo had an exciting announcement!

“We’ve actually hit our threshold, and now we’re above in the extra monetary donations. We broke through the $1,200 just fine, and now were in the process of adding a little extra money to make sure the habitat revitalization happens,” said Josh Baughn, Zoo New York’s Director of Marketing and Development.

After Beaker’s surgery, his fundraiser will turn into a general animal wellness fund.

Each month the zoo will offer a new animal appreciation week so guests can learn more about the special critters there.

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