Ogdensburg hosts annual city-wide garage sale

Ogdensburg hosts annual city-wide garage sale

OGDENSBURG, N.Y. (WWNY) - An annual tradition forges on this summer in the City of Ogdensburg. All throughout the city, purses were hanging from fences, shoes were lined up on the grass, and books were piled high on tables, as residents tried to make a quick buck at the city-wide garage sale.

Ogdensburg resident Helen Middlemiss hasn’t participated in five or six years, and was excited when she heard the sales were back on.

“This is the first big sale I’ve had in like a few years so when they said we couldn’t have one I was like really disappointed so now that I can have one I just got everything out that I could,” she said.

The sales looked a little different this year as COVID-19 restrictions were put in place by the Greater Ogdensburg Chamber of Commerce.

On their website, they asked for people to keep 6 foot distance and for sellers to limit ten people in a yard at a time.

Sharon Mahoney was participating in the garage sale. She said most people have been compliant.

“Most people have asked do you want us to put a mask on or are we alright. You can’t ask anymore of that of people. I mean that’s, they have been very nice,” she said.

With most of the annual events around the county being canceled because of the pandemic, the garage sales are a great way to get out of the house and find what you may be looking for.

Middlemiss says it took her all week to set up but it’s worth every extra dollar that comes in.

“Well it’s a lot of work and if you need some extra money and you don’t want to throw the stuff away. Just get it out there, get it for sale, through a tag on it and sell it.”

The garage sales continue throughout the day on Sunday as people continue to look for the best deals.

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