Lewis County Big Cheese Auction goes online

Lewis County Big Cheese Auction goes online

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Its a new take on a tasty Lewis County tradition.

This year, the Big Cheese Auction has gone online.

People had a chance to bid on a slice of their choice until noon Sunday through an auction site.

A $3,000 split bid from Solar on Earth contributed to the cause, bidding on two 10 pound variety packs.

And the Big Cheese bid went to Republican Farmers and Friends- $4,500 on 20 pounds.

The auction brought in $22,000 to help agriculture programs such as FFA and 4-H clubs, and agriculture scholarships for Lewis County students.

Organizers say they noticed a few more bidders this year as mail outs and online bidding could reach a larger audience.

Normally, the auction is held in person at the Lewis County Fair. The fair was cancelled back in May due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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