Impact of no state & local aid in stimulus would be ‘dramatic,' governor says

Impact of no state & local aid in stimulus would be ‘dramatic,' governor says
Coronavirus stimulus (Source: MGN Online)

ALBANY, N.Y. (WWNY) - Right now, there’s no aid to state and local governments in the COVID-19 stimulus package introduced by Senate Republicans Monday.

Unless aid is included, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, it’s going to have “a dramatic tangible effect” on taxpayers and the economy.

State and local governments have taken a major hit during the pandemic, particularly during lockdowns when there was little economic activity and only small amounts of sales tax collected.

The governor argues that many economists agree that state and local aid are essential to a nationwide economic recovery, which is what Republican say they want.

He also says a lack of aid will mean a 20 percent hit to state school aid and less aid to local governments. School districts and municipalities would have to raise taxes to make up the difference.

Meanwhile, the state’s coronavirus numbers were “very good news yesterday,” the governor said.

On Monday, .9 percent of the 57,000 people tested for the coronavirus were positive. There were 648 people in hospitals, only 81 of which were on ventilators, the lowest number since March 15.

The governor noted that at the height of the crisis, the number of people intubated was often an indicator of the future death toll, because a large number of people on ventilators didn’t survive.

The COVID-19 situation in other states “is still very bad,” he said. Three states, Illinois, Kentucky, and Minnesota have crossed New York’s quarantine threshold, for a total of 34 states.

Also added to the list were Washington, DC. and Puerto Rico.

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