Some local schools outline their plans to resume classes

Some local schools outline their plans to resume classes
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WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The deadline for New York schools to submit their reopening plans to the state is drawing nearer and some schools are ready to talk about their intentions for the fall.

Schools have to submit their plans by Friday. It can't just be the plan they want, or the plan they think will be best for them.

They have to submit three plans: one for going back to school in person; one for doing everything online, and one that's a hybrid of the two.

Of the schools that have gone public with their plans, most are hoping to go hybrid.

Alexandria Central is one of the few local school districts to disclose a plan for the fall.

So far, we know it's looking to go hybrid.

"I think that most schools in our region are going to go hybrid model. Our particular hybrid model has kindergarten coming in every day, and our middle school-high school, our 7-12, will do an A, B, A, B model, where it's essentially every kid comes in every other day," said Chris Clapper, superintendent.

Also hoping for hybrid is Indian River Central School. It explained on its website that if approved, the plan is to split the student population 50-50, with half of the students coming to school Monday and Tuesday and the other half coming in Thursday and Friday. When students aren’t in school physically, they’ll be learning online.

Similarly, Canton Central is splitting high school students 50-50. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten will be half-day programs. Those students, along with elementary students and fifth graders, will go to school four days a week and have remote learning on Wednesdays.

BOCES and special needs children will come in all five days.

At Immaculate Heart Central, officials are hoping to invite all students and staff back to school for five days a week. Officials say they have so few students and two buildings, so realistically they would be able to properly socially distance everyone.

And for South Jefferson, the superintendent there made a YouTube video explaining they will either go hybrid or be entirely online.

"We recognize that the best plan can and will change as conditions change and as executive orders are made," said Scott Slater, superintendent.

No matter what schools want, the choice ultimately remains up to the state. After plans are sent in on Friday, the state says they’ll say which schools can reopen and how by the first week of August.

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