Another week of change, a look back at the last 7 days

Another week of change, a look back at the last 7 days

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Schools unveiled their plans to reopen, and Jefferson County saw the day, leaders say, they hoped would never come.

After four months, Jefferson County saw its first COVID-19 related death.

“Going through this for the past four months, our community has really not have to deal with this tragic news,” said Samaritan Medical Center Communications Director Leslie DiStefano. “Announcing, and having to be part of this is very sad. It’s sad for the patients family, it’s sad for our community, but it is a reminder of what we have to do to keep all of ourselves safe.”

Statewide, schools were required to send in their plans for the upcoming year this past Friday, including schools across the north country.

“There’s some anxiety, but there’s also great goodwill to making sure it’s done right.” said Heuvelton Central School District Superintendent Jesse Coburn.

And while schools talk reopening, so are some local businesses.

“We’ve lobbied pretty hard, we have a lot of the Assembly people and state Senators on our side to get us back open,” said Owner of Pla-Mor Lanes Bowling Alley Shane Leween. “All we can do is keep pushing and keep trying and hopefully it happens sooner than later.”

But some things are still on hold. Enchanted Forest Water Safari announced they won’t be opening this season.

President Donald Trump floated the idea of delaying November’s election... a move a north country political science professor calls “dangerous to democracy.”

“It’s very well studied that, if you have an election that people don’t believe in, then the costs to democracy are very high and the costs in terms of social discord are very high,” said Clarkson University Professor Alexander Cohen.

35 people at Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center lost their jobs, and the extra $600 dollars given to people on unemployment has run out - leaving lawmakers in Washington to figure out what’s next.

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