Back to the drawing board for dentist office site plan

Back to the drawing board

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It’s back to the drawing board for a proposed two-story building on Watertown’s Washington Street.

The dentist office sire plan needs alterations before it gets the Watertown planning board’s recommendation and ultimately city council’s approval.

There were more than a dozen concerns.

One is not enough room for parking. They'll need to change the blueprint to accommodate the available space. Another is lighting from the building and the parking lot.

The building would sit in a relatively residential area adjacent to homes on Sherman Street. And while the second floor is set to be used for storage, some neighbors are concerned about privacy.

“I have a playground right in the back of my lot that my grandchildren play on and I don’t really want someone looking down on that even if they’re putting things away in storage,” Scott Connell said.

Dr. Sarah Latif’s dental practice would occupy the first floor. The building would sit next to her father’s neurology practice.

“We’re here to follow the city’s rules in accordance with what we are proposing today and stick to that,” Latif said.

But one of the biggest concerns is flooding. Neighbors believe will only get worse if the new building is constructed.

"We're a little bit concerned about where the water's going to go," Paula Trainham said.

But city planner Michael Lumbis says the storm water management system the team proposed shouldn't do harm.

“It may not solve every problem in that area because it is a low spot, but it is going to capture a lot of that runoff that was previously going into those yards,” Lumbis said. “It’s going to capture that and put that into the city’s storm system which should be an improvement for the neighborhood.”

The updated site plan will be reviewed on September 1.

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