Governor’s office clarifies Cuomo’s remarks about COVID-19 tests and students

Governor’s office clarifies Cuomo’s remarks about COVID-19 tests and students
School illness (Source: MGN)

ALBANY, N.Y. (WWNY) - There have been questions about whether or not schools will have to administer COVID-19 tests to students once the academic year begins - questions that came up after Governor Cuomo made a number of remarks during a recent daily briefing.

During that briefing Monday, he said some questions parents have concerns about testing for COVID-19.

“I’ll tell you what they’re asking me. I’ll tell you what they’re going to ask every school district: how are you going to test; how many tests are you going to take; are you sure that you have them lined up; are you sure those are enough tests; is it a representative sample, how long is it going to take to turn around the tests,” said Cuomo.

The governor’s office is clarifying the Cuomo’s remarks by saying school districts must have a plan in place to test anyone exposed to COVID or showing symptoms of the virus.

That testing could be done in school, but it could also be done through local health departments.

There’s no mention of a requirement for mandatory randomized coronavirus tests in schools.

The following is the full statement released by a spokesman for the governor:

“The Department of Health guidance serves as the mandatory baseline of health and safety protocols for school districts to follow and testing is part of a continuum of mitigation efforts that includes mandatory daily temperature checks and other additional screening, testing for symptomatic individuals or exposures and contact tracing in the event of a positive case.

“Districts must have a plan in place for testing related to symptomatic or exposed individuals, whether in school or through the local health department, that includes timely delivery of results and any ensuing testing of additional individuals. Additionally, any positive cases must be tracked through established contact tracing protocols and in coordination with the local health department. DOH guidance allows districts to implement additional testing protocols.”

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