RV sales boom during pandemic

WWNY RV sales boom during pandemic

ADAMS, N.Y. (WWNY) - Regardless of the pandemic, people want to get out. They want a break, they want wide open spaces, they want a highway to motor down.

This year, it seems, they want RVs.

At Wratten’s RVs in Adams, sales are on pace for a record year.

“Calculating our sales this year versus last year we are up 67 percent. Which is unheard of in the RV Market,” said David Hodge, who owns Wratten’s.

Part of what’s driving sales: people avoiding hotels, opting instead to vacation ‘self-contained’ using an RV or camper trailer.

Bob and Terry Charlebois from Brushton bought their RV in 2002 and have been vacationing in the north country - we found them at the camp ground at Southwick Beach State Park - for more than 20 years. They say having a camper is great - especially now.

“It’s a lot more comfortable because we go to Florida in the winter time and when we came back, we had to use a hotel and we did not feel comfortable,” Bob said.

“We enjoy meeting the people and it’s a nice way to get out, especially right now.”

Hodge, at Wratten’s, said he has six new and 10 used units - and it’s challenging to get more. He has some advice for would-be RV owners.

“If you are serious about getting an RV and you find something that you like, you are going to want to act upon it fast because they are not sitting on the lot very long.”

(By the way, this trend is being seen around the country. CBS reported on it last weekend.)

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