Jefferson County’s COVID-19 cases double in a month

WWNY Jefferson County’s COVID-19 cases double in a month

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Although there were no new cases of COVID-19 reported Friday in Jefferson County, it came a day after the county reported its highest single day total ever of 12 cases.

It took the county from March through the beginning of July to record 109 cases of the coronavirus. But in the last 4 weeks, cases doubled.

From June to July, positive cases jumped by 38 percent.

But in the last 4 weeks, the county recorded a 100 percent increase in cases - going from 109 on July 9 to 217 on August 6.

The spike caught the attention of county Legislature Chairman Scott Gray.

"We have been taking one from the beginning. We have taken the enforcement serious. We are trying to communicate and educate on the message," he said.

The increase in cases has been slow in Jefferson County since the start of the pandemic, but July has county officials on alert to try to get back down to numbers we saw in months prior.

"We want people to enjoy themselves, but just do it wisely. You know, people can go out in smaller gatherings and they don't have to have these massive gatherings; they can have smaller settings and still have a good time," said Gray.

He also says the guidelines are in place to keep everyone safe and everyone needs come together to stop the spread.

"Wear a mask, you know, wash your hands, stay socially distant. We need to stay grounded in that thought and not get distracted," he said.

Gray says the past month’s COVID uptick isn’t a cause for panic, but he says everyone needs to follow COVID guidance to bring active cases down to zero.

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