Washington man drives off cliff during high speed chase

EVERETT, Wash. (KIRO/CNN) - A high-speed chase ended with the suspect driving off a cliff in Washington.

Police say the driver, Clinton Wheelock, was going 80 mph when he went airborne.

The crash happened so quickly that the police were unaware that Wheelock had crashed at first.

Bill and Kiely McFerran’s surveillance camera caught the accident and say that they heard an impact, but not much else.

“We hadn’t heard any screeching, like stopping,” Kiely McFerran said.

Police say they were trying to arrest Wheelock for a felony warrant when he took off.

Before driving off the cliff, neighbors say he sped dangerously close to kids playing in nearby parks.

Wheelock was ejected from his truck and remains in critical condition. He has not faced any charges.

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