Cargo ship that was stuck, apparently freed

WWNY Cargo ship that was stuck, apparently freed

OGDENSBURG, N.Y. (WWNY) - A cargo ship that was stuck off the Port of Ogdensburg in the St. Lawrence River has apparently been freed without the help of a tug boat.

The IMKE ran aground a short distance from the dock after the freighter apparently went outside the channel leading to the dock late Saturday afternoon.

Monday evening, veteran ship watcher Michael Folsom reported in his Twitter feed that the IMKE had apparently been pulled along side the port with winches.

That, as a tug boat from Montreal was making its way upriver on the St. Lawrence. The tug had been summoned to help free the IMKE, and continues on its way to the ship. Folsom tweeted the tug may be needed to escort the ship for inspection.

Part of the ship’s cargo: turbine blades for the Roaring Brook Wind Farm in Lewis County. This is the fourth of seven scheduled turbine blade deliveries for Roaring Brook.

Even after the vessel went aground, officials said, it was not blocking the St. Lawrence Seaway shipping channel.

This marks the first time in at least 20 years that a ship has gone aground coming into port at the Ogdensburg port..

Boaters say they watched the IMKE try to back in through the port channel as many as six times.

Allan Hutchcroft was boating with others when he saw the whole thing unfold.

“He was going around in circles. Going up the river. Turned around. Come back down, try again. He kept trying. He just couldn’t do it,” said Hutchcroft.

The U.S. Coast Guard says no pollution has been released.

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