Some schools foot the bill for student masks

WWNY Some schools foot the bill for student masks

SACKETS HARBOR, N.Y. (WWNY) - New on the back to school list this year? Masks. But don’t rush out to buy dozens for your student.

That's because some schools have already paid to make sure your kids are covered.

Masks are mandatory this coming school year. They will be a must on the bus, in the hallway, and in the classroom when social distancing isn't possible.

"We want our kids back and we want our staff back so we will do whatever we need to to keep them safe," said Sackets Harbor Principal Amy Fiedler-Horack.

To do that, Sackets Harbor will supply each student with 2 washable cloth masks.

"We spent around $3,000 purchasing masks for our staff and students," said Fiedler-Horack.

LaFargeville Central School will provide 3 reusable masks to each student, printed with some school spirit. The price tag on those?

"About $10,000 right now just between disposable and reusable masks," said Superintendent Travis Hoover.

He says the reusable masks are on their way.

Disposable masks will be on hand at LaFargeville and Sackets in case someone forgets theirs at home.

"It's about other people and this is a great lesson for our kids and how we can wear masks and protect others and ourselves and be good to our whole community," said Hoover.

The plan is to get these masks to families before the start of the year so kids can stay safe and rock a little school spirit at the same time.

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