Goat Yoga is back for a second summer

Goat Yoga is back for a second summer

TOWN OF HOUNSFIELD, N.Y. (WWNY) - This is the second summer Old McDonald’s Farm in Sacket’s Harbor has offered Goat Yoga. Yoga, but with goats.

“It was definitely different and in an odd way it was kind of therapeutic and relaxing. Even with all the goats mauling you at once,” said participant Hailey Ogden.

“Animals can bring so much joy to people and so when you put animals together with yoga, which is very spiritual for some people, very calming, but also a workout, and animals can also be calming, make you happy. So the two go hand in hand together,” said Julia Robbins, manager at Old McDonald’s Farm.

And goat yoga isn’t just for the humans. The goats love it, too.

“We give the goat yoga participants little treats for them to put on their mat, and the goats really love that. All of our goats love people, so its really fun to watch,” said Robbins.

The goats are the star of the show. Whether they’re featured in photos or going through your bag.

The experience?

“Out of this world,” said Ogden.

Robbins says there is one more session scheduled for Sunday September 13. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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