Gyms can open as soon as next week, governor says

Gyms can open as soon as next week, governor says
Gyms (Source: MGN)

NEW YORK (WWNY) - Gyms can open as soon as August 24.

In a briefing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo briefly outlined the rules for reopening gyms and fitness centers the state is releasing today (Monday).

They’ll be limited to 33 percent occupancy and they need to be inspected by local health officials either before they open or within two weeks.

And patrons will have to wear masks at all time.

People will be screened coming in and gyms will have to install effective filters on their ventilation systems.

Gyms will also need plans for cleaning and disinfecting equipment.

Whether gyms hold classes would be up to local governments.

The governor said the guidelines are based on research from other states’ experiences reopening gyms.

In the meantime, bowling alleys are allowed to open today.

There’s no word yet on when movie theaters might be able to reopen.

As far as the state’s coronavirus numbers go, they’re all still low.

The infection rate is about .7 percent, which is the lowest it’s been since the start of the pandemic.

It’s averages 1 percent or less since June, the governor said, “and that is exactly where we want to be.”

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