City to appeal judge’s order on secret report

City to appeal judge’s order on secret report
Watertown City Manager Rick Finn (Source: WWNY)

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The city of Watertown is appealing a judge’s order to make public a secret report on the conduct of former city manager Rick Finn.

City manager Ken Mix confirmed Wednesday that an appeal has been filed. Mix told 7 News the appeal was filed to temporarily block the judge’s order to produce the report.

State Supreme Court Justice James McClusky ordered the city to disclose the report, after 7 News took city government to court, seeking release of the document.

The appeal would likely be heard by the state appellate court which meets in Rochester.

It was not clear Wednesday afternoon exactly how the city could proceed at this point, since the Watertown city council has not decided on an appeal. Council discussed it Monday night in executive session and plans to discuss it more this coming Monday night.

It has taken no action to authorize an appeal, at least none in public.

The report on Finn’s conduct stems from a complaint against Finn by city Parks and Recreation Superintendent Erin Gardner, who accused Finn of “creating a hostile work environment.”

City council ultimately concluded that Finn did not do what he was accused of, but he resigned anyway.

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