Coming soon: the ‘Mountain Mudder’ with...more mud

Coming soon: the ‘Mountain Mudder’ with...more mud
Fort Drum soldiers ooze their way through the Mountain Mudder obstacle course in 2019. (Source: WWNY)

FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWNY) - Fort Drum soldiers will have to run and jump through more mud this year for the annual ‘Mountain Mudder.'

That’s one of the changes to the race, as the 10th Mountain Division makes sure it is COVID-19 compliant.

The annual run and obstacle course has been held every year on post since 2013. It’s supposed to promote physical fitness among soldiers, while they have fun.

This year, the four mile race will go off in waves, with three minute intervals in-between each team.

Officials will also make sure that there is social distancing before, during, and after the race on September 18.

“We are really excited because we believe we have found a way to hold the Mountain Mudder this year in a safe way, but also in a super fun way too,” said Julie Halpin, Fort Drum spokesperson.

The race is open to all Department of Defense ID card holders over the age of 18. There will also be no after-party after this year’s race.

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