As demand for pizza climbs, pepperoni gets harder to find

Pepperoni shortage

ADAMS CENTER, N.Y. (WWNY) - It's a busy day at Ramsey's Pizzeria in Adams Center and there seems to be one common theme.

"Everybody wants pepperoni on their pizza," owner Justin Carr said.

According to, the beloved pizza topping is more expensive to get as production halts at meat processing plants -- and as demand for pizza has skyrocketed.

“My sales here have gone up a good margin,” Carr said, probably 50 to 80 percent in sales.”

But then comes the price of pepperoni. Carr says he's paying 15 to 20 percent more for pepperoni than he had in the past -- and he goes through a lot.

"I would say 60 to 70 pounds per week," he said.

At Bernardo's Pizza in Watertown, it's the same story.

Bernard Tufo, owner of Bernardo's Pizzeria, is paying an extra $40 for his pepperoni.

“If you use the good stuff, it’s about $120 a case,” he said. “It’s gone up about 40 bucks. We were paying about 70.”

But Tufo says it isn't because there isn't enough pork.

“They tell me there’s enough pepperoni, it’s people to process it,” he said, “so they’ve got to get those people back in the factories at work.”

Both Ramsey’s and Bernardo’s pizzerias say despite the hike in pepperoni prices, they don’t plan on changing their prices, because everyone deserves some of America’s favorite topping on every slice.

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