Evans Mills board approves lower speed limit

Evans Mills' new speed limit

EVANS MILLS, N.Y. (WWNY) - Ease off the gas when going through Evans Mills.

That's the message village officials want to get across to some motorists.

Evans Mills sits between routes 11 and 37

Clerk treasurer Samantha Fleming says people going from one to the other sometimes treat their streets like a track.

“Some people just try and push the limit, but also people tend to use this as also a racetrack it seems like, thoroughfare to get where they need to in a short amount of time,” she said. “There is no stoplight, so from LeRay street on Route 11, all the way out to 37, you can just go.”

The village board Wednesday approved a new law aimed at pumping the brakes of cars passing through.

It would drop the speed limits of some village streets from 30 to 25.

Those include LeRay, Noble, Willow, Factory, Cemetery, and North and South Main streets.

Mayor Robert Boucher says safety is at the heart of the change.

“Traffic’s been going through here way too fast,” Boucher said. “We’re scared about the kids along the roadway getting hit.”

The approval wasn't unanimous.

Village Trustee Greg Smith says he's concerned about speeding, too, but he says it shouldn't take changing speed limits to slow drivers down.

“Lower the threshold,” Smith said. “Right now, Officer Wood tells us it’s a 10-mile-an-hour threshold at 30, which means 40. If it’s dropped to 30, if he wants to be discretionary, two or three mile an hour, so be it. But, write some tickets.”

The law will now head to the state. If it gets approved, Boucher says the speed limit change will go into effect soon after.

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